Over the last two months we have been working with NetWaste on their ‘Help Us, Help You’ campaign. The campaign is focused around educating local communities on what can and cannot be recycled.

Orana Living’s participation in the campaign is through our partner business Carlginda Enterprises where the majority of our clients go to work. Carlginda Enterprises runs the recycling, or waste management, facility for Gilgandra Shire Council.  Stuart, recycling team leader, is becoming frustrated with the regular contamination being found in their recyclables stream. Stuart states:

“What we don’t like is finding bags of dirty food, clothes, syringes and other objects that shouldn’t be in the recycling.”

The campaign includes a number of TV spots and radio interviews. If you haven’t seen them you can watch the Gilgandra advertisement below, or go to NetWaste to see more. All of our clients have loved getting involved and their dapple with fame.